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Monterey Deanery Meeting, February 23, 2013

On February 23, 2013, the Monterey Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real met at St. John’s Chapel in Monterey. Following the opening prayers and meditation, a short business meeting included a report on the treasury and a report from the Board of Trustees of the Diocese. In terms of the treasury, the Deanery reminded delegates of the request for an annual contribution from each parish ($75) which will add to the existing balance of $840 and will allow the Deanery to pursue mission and ministry opportunities. Meanwhile, members of the Board of Trustees (which operates similar to a vestry for the Diocese) and the Diocesan Standing Committee will be visiting with all of the parishes in the Diocese to “map” and measure our ministry and to foster cross-pollination of ideas.

The main program for the meeting was Mission in the Monterey Deanery:

  1. Mission at St. Philip’s, Scotts Valley – The Rev. Mary Blessing and several of her parishioners told the story of how St. Philip’s evolved from a mission church planted in 1987 to a parish church, which was finalized at the Diocesan Convention in 2012.
  2. St. George’s, Salinas – Richard Smith described the process of calling a bilingual rector and working with a grant from the Diocese to develop a strategic plan and programs that will connect them more strongly with the community.
  3. Trinity, Gonzales – Robin Denney, a lay pastoral leader, has been sent by the Diocese to this church which is no longer functioning to serve as a missionary within our own diocese. She is looking at ways to raise up a bilingual community with many young families for whom an “emergent” style of worship might appeal.
  4. All Saints’ and Mission Cristo Rey, Watsonville – The Rev. Rob Sommer spoke about how they are working to bring these two congregations worshiping in the same place closer together through programs for the youth of the two congregations.
  5. Diocese of Western Tanganyika – Becky Mikkelsen and Julie Fudge talked about the Diocese’s partnership with the Diocese of Western Tanganyika and the scholarship project for continuing education of children 7th-10th grades. Just $75 per year guarantees that a child can continue his or her education. So far contributions to the diocese have supported 400 children.

During the brief panel discussion which followed the program, the participants discussed avenues for support of mission within the Monterey Deanery. A motion was put forward to donate $500 from the Deanery treasury to support the work of Robin Denney in Gonzales. The motion carried.

The next meeting of the Monterey Deanery is Saturday, May 4 when the program will be Implementing Mission.

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