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Safeguarding God’s Children/People at St. George’s, Salinas

Safeguarding God’s Children – 3 Hour training which includes the following:
Required for all those who work with or around children
For Parents and Congregations – Provides a basic understanding of the dynamics of child sexual abuse, how to recognize signs that a child may have been abused, and what to do if you have concerns about a person’s behavior toward a child or youth, or if you suspect that a child or youth has been molested. For all adults concerned about children and youth.

For Ministries – Steps you can take to prevent child sexual abuse in church and other organizational settings. For clergy, employees of churches and church organizations, and volunteers responsible for planning, implementing or supervising ministries, activities or programs for children and youth.

Pastoral or Spiritual Counselors and youth leaders. Vestry members are encouraged to attend.

Safeguarding God’s People – 3 Hour training which includes the following:
For those who have a pastoral relationship with others to include Clergy, Stephen Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors, Vocare leaders, Cursillo leaders, Alpha leaders,
Preventing Sexual Exploitation for Congregations: In this course you will learn:
- The definition of, and facts about, sexual exploitation
- The effects of sexual exploitation
- Facts about power in pastoral relationships
- How sexual exploitation happens
- How to prevent sexual exploitation
- How to respond to sexual exploitation
Preventing Sexual Exploitation For Ministry: In this course you will learn:
- How sexual exploitation happens
- How to maintain a healthy ministry
- How to respond to sexual exploitation
Scheduled workshops for 2013:

Monterey Deanery

Where: St. George’s, Salinas
98 Kip Drive
Salinas, California 93906
Date: April 20, 2013
Times: 9 – 11:30 am Safeguarding God’s Children 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Safeguarding God’s Children
Cost: $10.00 to cover materials and other attendant costs
Contact: The Rev. Lawrence Robles or the Rev. Dcn Kathleen Crowe Trainer,

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