Peace, Power and Youth: A Community Conversation


On Saturday, March 23, starting at 10 am, there will be a community conversation regarding youth, power, and peace in our community. Given recent events on an international, national and local level, the community will gather to discuss opportunities to address violence and peace in our community; opportunities to work together to build peace through stronger relationships and involvement by members of the community. Following the conversation will be a youth hang out from noon to 2 pm.

Organized by members of COPA (Communities Organized for relational Power and Action), the conversation brings leaders of faith,education, and law enforcement together with youth, parents, non-profits and community members. The focus of the conversation is identifying opportunities for collaboration on ways to allow both our youth and community to thrive. The Rt. Rev. Mary Gray Reeves, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real and the Most Rev. Richard Garcia D.D. of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey will join Maria Orozco, Trustee of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District, Jenny Sarmiento, CEO of Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance, as well as leaders from law enforcement and youth leaders as members of a panel discussion.

Presentations by panel members including youth will be followed by involvement of the community to address issues surrounding building a thriving community for our youth, and opportunities to work on challenges to building peace in our community. Anyone in the community interested in building a peaceful community is warmly invited and encouraged to attend.

Following the Community Conversation will be a Youth Hangout; a time to interact with youth as they engage in different activities. Stay tuned for further information  regarding the community  peace building event. For further information, please contact: Deacon Rob Sommer (831) 917-9178.


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